Trauma Discharge Therapy

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90min | £65


When do we experience Trauma?

Trauma can happen to us anytime and which is often the case when we lose someone or something or the fear of loss. Trauma can also occur when we experience extreme situations, such as accidents or injuries. 

But there are also other reasons or situations, which are now also being recognised as carrying high levels of trauma:

  • loss or fear of loss of self-determination

  • loss or fear of loss of home or country

  • loss or fear of loss of a loved one

  • loss or fear of loss of a relationship

  • loss or fear of loss of status or freedom

  • loss or fear of loss of stability

One other important loss which also involves trauma is the daily loss of our authentic sense of self, which some of us carry throughout life and influences the effective thinking and decision-making and undermines the resilience we need to handle the daily challenges we face in our lives.

What is Trauma Discharge Therapy?

TDT is a new BodyMind therapy, specifically aimed to reduce the amount of  (ambivalent) trauma carried or imprinted in our nervous system which is done through a specific type of massage. This unique treatment is a powerful blend of massage, Psychology, and the very latest Neuroscience.

How does Trauma Discharge Therapy work?

In Trauma Discharge Therapy, we believe that the energy of trauma is quite literally locked in our nervous system, which has been validated by science, where it clearly shows that trauma memories are stored deep in the brain. (Van der Kolk, 2014)

... If it is not discharged then trauma must accumulate within the body, which is one way to explain the rising levels of distress and anxiety in modern life.

Where can I get the TDT booklet?

If you would like to find out more about this unique massage technique and how TDT can help you build your resilience, please contact me by phone or email and I will send a TDT booklet out to you in the post. 

(All information on this page is taken from the TDT booklet by Gerry Pyves available for all clients interested in this treatment.)

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Location & Contact Details

Saturdays 12-6pm: Neal's Yard Remedies Store

County Arcade | Leeds

by appointment only

bookings only via

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or by contacting Neal's Yard Remedies Leeds:

0113 243 8924