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Welcome to Back-InBalance

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Nadine Kimani
Massage Therapist

Nadine has been a massage therapist for ten years now and enjoys assisting clients with their personal needs and requirements, aid to ease pain or discomfort, and find or regain balance in mind and body.


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Complementary Massage

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My back feels so much better and I feel like a new person.

Jennifer P.

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Nadine has been helping me for the past few months. I have an old back injury that occasionally flares up and has knock-on effects on my knees as well as giving me painful headaches. After the first few minutes of the first session, my headache was relieved. By the end, I was able to move without pain. The process is painless and unobtrusive and gets results! 

Kim U.

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Thank you for my massage. It was exactly what I needed. I appreciate the skill, variety of techniques, and your gentle approach to me - I can't imagine wanting a massage from anyone else again. 

Hazel D.

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Anita A.

I feel fantastic. My shoulders feel so much freer. 

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Always a pleasure having one of your treatments! Just amazing how it makes me feel, so relaxed and energised at the same time afterwards.

Anna M.

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Absolutely fabulous treatment and couldn't believe how much difference it made to me as I suffer from arthritis in both my shoulders but after the treatment with Nadine the relief given was unbelievable.

Josie S.