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Oncology Massage

60min | £50

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Oncology massage treatments are specifically for people living with cancer.

Similar to other massage styles, Oncology massage is aimed to ease pain and discomfort in the body, either caused by the side effects of cancer or cancer treatments.

Clients living with cancer may experience a variety of different symptoms, some of those caused by cancer, and some by the ongoing treatments or from treatments received in the past. These symptoms may appear for different reasons and some are unique to specific cancer processes.

The massage will be tailored to your personal needs and requirements and around your current state of wellbeing. It will be the same for some of the symptoms, regardless, of the reason for the symptoms is cancer or the treatments you receive.

What type of massage style can I expect from an Oncology Massage?

You can expect a very light and gentle massage touch and as with all my treatments, the massage is adapted to each individual client. These treatments are suitable for clients with active cancer or currently undergoing cancer treatments as well as for clients who had cancer in the past. 

Massage times depend on your personal wellbeing and can be agreed, or discussed further prior to your session.

Please note, that it is recommended to plan at least 30min time for your initial consultation, as this will be very detailed so I can get a full picture of your health & wellbeing status. Therefore, I recommend booking at least 60minutes for your first session. This will allow enough time for both, consultation and a massage. 

MSTR Scar Tissue Release:

Many cancer treatments involve some form of surgery. I am pleased to also offer MSTR Scar Tissue Release treatments as a great addition to my massage therapy, in particular, to complement the Oncology Massage. 

You can find out more about MSTR Scar Tissue Release here.

Location & Contact Details

Saturdays 12-6pm: We Are Wellness

2 N Hill Rd | Headingley | Leeds | LS6 2EN

by appointment only.

How to book:


M: 07932349290

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