EMM-Tech Short Course

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One-day course | £110* 

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Discover simple light finger pressure techniques to benefit you, your family, and friends.

The EMM-Tech Short Course teaches participants how to quickly and effectively release their own muscle tensions or help others release theirs. All training is closely supervised and is open to anyone. It requires no previous bodywork experience. However, it is also a valuable and effective tool for personal trainers, sports coaches, Pilates and Yoga instructors, or riders and also for professionals and therapists in the health care field. 

I am a fully qualified EMMETT Technique Practitioner with clinical experience and a passion for sharing knowledge about this fantastic technique. 

What is the difference between the EMMETT Technique and the EMM-Tech Course?

Established in 2004, the EMM-Tech Short Course was derived from the EMMETT Technique Practitioner Course. The moves were designed as a 'first aid kit' of muscle relaxation for people in remote areas of Australia. EMM-Tech classes are now taught in more than 30 countries worldwide.

What will I be learning on the course?

The course will take place in small groups from just 2 to 10 people and includes a selection of moves from the EMMETT Practitioner Courses. It covers moves for the neck, shoulders, forearms, back, and legs. The course takes 8 hours which can be completed in one day or spread over 2 half days.

Who will be teaching the EMM-Tech Short course at Back-InBalance?

I  will be your tutor for this course. After completing my EMMETT Practitioner training, I was approached by my EMMETT Tutors to become an EMM-Tech Tutor in 2017. I believe, this has made me an even better therapist and I enjoy sharing my passion for this technique, especially because not only all my clients benefit from it but also my own body. 

When is the next EMM-Tech Short Course available at Back-InBalance?

I am planning to run courses in Leeds and the North-East (Teeside area) as soon as the pandemic situation is allowing it to work safely around each other. 

If you would like more information about the EMM-Tech Short Course and keep up to date with upcoming dates, simply contact me by email as per my contact details below.

Where will the EMM-Tech Short Course be taking place?

Although I am based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, I am flexible with course locations. If you have a group of friends or know a group of people, who would be interested in learning this technique, I can arrange the training locally for you. 

One-day course - Standard fee: £130 (£110 early bird fee, if paid 3 weeks prior to the course)

For more information about the EMMETT Technique and links to videos of Ross EMMETT demonstrating the technique and talking about the origins,

check out the EMMETT Muscle Release on the treatment page here.

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Location & Contact Details

Enquiries by phone or email only:

M: 07932 394290

E: backinbalanceuk@gmail.com

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