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Natural Lift Facial Massage

60min | £50
90min | £80

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What can you expect from a Natural Lift Facial Massage?

This facial massage involves a combination of techniques drawn from Japanese facial massage and Indian Head massage.

The treatment includes massaging your neck, chest and shoulders with complementary, relaxing massage techniques, as well as a specific facial massage routine that aids towards a natural facelift. 

What are the benefits of a Natural Lift Facial Massage?

Tension can build up in different areas, with the back, neck, or shoulders being the most common ones. However, the face is also a prime area for tension. The natural lift facial massage can assist in releasing tension from your facial muscles, neck and shoulders. IT is also beneficial for stimulating your nervous system, improving lymphatic flow and balancing your skin condition.

Client Results from a Natural Lift Facial Massages

Here are some fantastic examples of my  NLF massage clients

(before and after the Natural Lift Facial Massage)

Location & Contact Details

Saturdays 12-6pm: We Are Wellness

2 N Hill Rd | Headingley | Leeds | LS6 2EN

by appointment only.

How to book:


M: 07932349290

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