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Complementary Massage

60min | £50
90min | £80

Massage bed

This relaxing body massage treatment is tailored to your personal requirements. You decide on the speed and depths of your massage, allowing your body to take whatever it needs to relax and release tension.

This type of massage offers a fantastic way to unwind and let go of any stress or tension in the body.

With most of us immersed in busy and hectic lifestyles, whether within family or workplaces, it is important to also make time for personal space.
Taking 'time out' is a great way to recharge your batteries, relax your body, and let go of any tension or day-to-day stress.

Relaxation can mean different things for different people, and for some, going out for a run can be just as relaxing as making yourself comfortable on the couch with a good book. 'Time out' can also mean to give the body time to rest or recover, especially for those who enjoy regular physical activities such as running, going to the gym, yoga, or Pilates. 

This is why all my massage treatments are tailored to your personal needs and requirements and no two massages are the same. What absolutely makes my day is seeing the fantastic results, my clients achieve on their personal Back-inBalance massage journey.

My aim is to offer you a pain-free massage experience, which means that so much more release of pain or tension can be achieved than through conventional massage treatments.

How would you like to feel today?

Book your treatment and feel the difference.

Location & Contact Details

Saturdays 12-6pm: We Are Wellness

2 N Hill Rd | Headingley | Leeds | LS6 2EN

by appointment only.

How to book:


M: 07932349290

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